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The Spiral

Between the worlds,
I waited in a time that is no time, a place that is no place
I sought the portal, the spirit thread, the path through the veil.
And yet there was no key to unlock that elusive door.
"Give me a sign, show me the way"
I whispered.
From the hidden shadows a voice replied.
“You know…you know…”
The beat of ancient hoofs drummed incessantly and loudly on the land and on my soul.
I waited.
Hardly daring to breathe,
Forced to the centre of my being.
Trapped in a spiral
Going down.
He – the Dark Lord was unrelenting,
His hot, heavy breath rasped upon my cheek.
Hot, choking.
Forcing me to think of answers
To questions long forgotten.
"Give me a clue," I begged
Nausea rising.
But he just laughed,
His hoof beats drumming louder and closer,
Filling my head with unrelenting thunder.
"All you have to do is look" he chided
"But where, tell me where" I pleaded.
I shouted to the wind.
It cried back mockingly,
And his voice echoed in the night,
"You know .......... you know"
The drumming hoof beats ceased.
He left as mysteriously as he had come,
His work done.
"Walk the spiral path," he said
"The key to unlock the door lies at the centre.
For what you seek is at the centre of your being.
The spiral path will lead you in
And take you further still again"