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Night Swimming

I dived into the darkness and saw your face
I swam to the surface and was touched by Grace
The Lord and Lady were Time and Tide
But it was the Shadow of Life that was by my side

I was caught in a current of ethereal thoughts
In a whirlpool of mirages it was truth I sought
Darkness found me lost and alone
Took me in; gave me a home

Deep inside the caves of the sea
I was dancing a dance that no one could see
I was blessed with illusion of a human life
But I had to die by the holy knife

I was swimming in water that told no tales
I was lost and alone, battered by gales
A Spirit held me secure and tight
An energy source that gave me fight

I swam through the darkness, strong and secure
The waters of birth scared me no more
My fear inside, they made their own
And the sweet Lady sang as she cradled me home

The colours of Love swirled in the water
The beings of Light had found their daughter
I was filled with a love I could not describe
Caught in a spotlight, nowhere to hide

I dive in the darkness and am touched by Grace
For there in the Light I can see your face
The music of life plays in my ears
As I float in a sea of dark divine tears

January 2010