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The Temple of Sol

You journey across the four quarters
Yet you travel not.
You are the stillness in my Soul.
You are the fire of my Spirit.
And the sustaining Life of my body,
You offer the gift that without you I would not be.
Though you yourself can take all back without remorse.
You exist whether I exist or not.
You dwell in time and space outside of known understandings.
Yet know you I seek to do.
I have mapped your journey from daybreak till dusk.
Through icy winter winds unto summers relentless heat.
And I have known you by many names.
I have journeyed with you across the four quadrants.
To be with you in the stillness of your abode;
That Temple unto which all shall return in time.
The deliverer of all that is,
Without whom my earthly journey would not be.
Let me journey unto you;
To your stillness, to be complete once more.
In this splendour of your burgeoning Solstice Light
I desire to be made whole.
I desire to be cleansed by your fires.
I come to you to honour you creator of all that is life on earth.
O Mighty Sol; divine temple of dreams and illusions,
Is it you or that which lies behind you that calleth me home?
Accept my soul as it comes to you on the winds of fate and destiny.
Let me come to you and know you as you truly are,
Then shall I at last know myself.

Blessed Be.

Janis Litha 2009