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Original copywrited artwork by Nina Eydelman
The Edge of Shadow

So there she waits
In the shadows at the edge of my vision.
Always there,
Arms outstretched,
Silently beckoning.
I know she is there.
She knows I know.
So why do I hesitate
When I want to take her hand?
What inner fears and feelings scare me so?
What lies prowling beneath the surface?
What barriers of my own perceptions stop me reaching out to her?
She is my teacher.
She drums the tune to my dance of life.
She drags me into the shadows with strange steps of seduction,
Quickening my pulse and resonating her tune upon my soul.
How I long to dive into the depths of that dark void,
To trust implicitly that her outstretched arms will soften my fall.
The dark nights of winter,
Her Kingdom of Death is my haven.
My Time.
I yearn for her icy, intoxicating breath upon my cheek.
I desire her touch of darkness at the sun's zenith.
I sense her shadow on my soul,
Casting a cooling shroud upon my being.
Her footsteps are close now.
I can feel her hand in mine,
Her steady breath upon my face.
Is this it?
Can I finally surrender to that trance like beat?
That ancient cry of a million souls,
Can I finally embrace The Shadow?
As I step over the edge
Into the waiting arms of The Dark Goddess.

Moonwillow 20/05/02

For permission to use the Dark Mother picture, please contact the artist direct. To find out information about Nina Eydelman, please visit the Elfwood Studio.