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She always thought .........

She always thought she could swim underwater
She always thought she was strong enough to swim against the tide
She always thought she would forever exist outside of human dreams
But far too late she realised she was drowning…

She always thought her wings were forged of mighty steel
She always thought she had the ability to fly right to the sun
She always thought she knew exactly how to ride the winds
But she rode the winds straight into the fire…

She never thought that her beautiful wings could scorch
She never thought she would drown in the dark night stream alone
She never thought her world was just an illusion
She never though the horizon and dreams were out of reach

What then, if she did allow herself to drown?
What then, if she did let her beautiful steel wings melt?
And then what would she be; just who would she be?
Alone and lost on the shores of time the beautiful little fairy took her last earthly breath…

Janis Nov 2010