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Who am I?

Betwixt and between is where you will find me
I am the shadow at the cross roads
I am the whisper of the wind at the end of time
I dwell in the forgotten forest of the mind
I cross the boundaries of dark and light
I am the heartbeat of the world
My breath is life
My soul is the ancient of days
My body is bound in illusion
I know the unknowable turn of the tides
I have lingered in peace in the above and beyond
The essence of my existence is the starlight realms
I was born of love and taught of life
I am the stasis at the centre of the labyrinth
I am the point of the sword poised upon the truth of life
I know not of good or evil
I am the keeper of the serpent
Born of the waters of creation
I am at the centre of the darkest night
I am the rasping air of the primordial volcano
I am the flame of eternity
Lit upon the cornerstone of reality
I have set my feet upon this earth
Yet you know me not
I walk among you unseen.
I carry forth the grail
My past, present and future are as one
You know me not
I know you well
Betwixt and between is where you will find me
I am the living shadow at the centre of the crossroad

Imbolc 2010