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The Wild Folks

I want to go where the wild folks go.
To follow my heart, not look back.
I want to cut the ties of my daily grind.
I want to walk my dreams with open wide eyes.

Over the horizonís where those folks reside.
Itís a skip and a hop and a turning around.
Itís a counting to three and holding your breath.
Itís a shutting of eyes as you open your mind.

Shall you come with me, hold my hand?
Shall we visit the wild folks you and I?
Shall we hop, shall we skip, shall we hold our breath?
Shall we go, shall we see them, shall we dare?

No, maybe I will go alone,
For the wild folks are shy, are a world apart.
They live just over the edge of the land,
They wonít take too kindly if we go in pairs.

I know cos I go there every night.
I know all the wild ones, know them by name.
They know I watch them, from under my shadow.
They know that I hide there, they nod and approve.

Iím a wild one too in human drapes.
They know and they watch and they watch and they wait.
One day I will hop and Iíll skip and Iíll jump
And I will close my eyes and take the biggest of breaths.

And then I will be where the wild ones play
I will feel the danger and live the fear.
Over the horizon and under the sky
I will be a wild one too, will you, will you dare?

Moonwillow Dec 2009