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The Woods

Like a lover, warm, enticing, mysterious.
“Come” they said
With arms open wide they beckoned.
“Don’t be afraid,” they said
I trembled on the threshold and let the warm sun bathe my body.
“Wake up” they said
They flirted, winked, gave me glimpses of their cool, dark shadows.
Again I hesitated
“Why be afraid,” they said
I knew I would be soul consumed by their embrace.
I knew I would take that step.
Would it be this time?
Their dark sensuality resonated on my soul.
Their energies played with my mind.
“Come” they said
I moved closer, breathing deeply, sensing all.
“Come play with us” they whispered
I resisted no longer
I stepped over that green, soft threshold into their all-consuming embrace.
I lay down in their arms, in their mantle of green.
Their spirit and mine became one
As I gave my body and soul to the dark mysteries of the wood.