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3 Feet & a Ladle  

Lifeless, Empty, Useless - Void,
Body of Hollowness and Mind of Lead,
Screaming, Howling - Imploring Voice,
"Find Me - Take Me - Hold me Close".

My womb now gone, 'tho not by choice,
My Womanhood Destroyed, Discarded - Lost.
Enduring blood aged 6 to 33 ....
A legacy of Pain, Discomfort and Abuse.

"SO TAKE IT AWAY!" My Child screamed out,
"It serves no purpose but to Drain!"

So Why - now it's Gone - Do I feel such 'Loss',
When Surely I should feel Release?
Because it 'Held' me in my Pain,
And Hid me from 'Reality'!

A 'brew' prepared to cleanse and shield
Was Beautified for me today,
My Spirit Brewing - Holding fast,
Withstanding screams which wrest and scourge.

So now my Journey must Begin,
To deal with 'what', and 'who' I am,
And once I'm able perhaps I'll find
The strength to Nurture ... and find release.

My Cauldron Bubbles deep within
And Holds My Essence whilst I feel weak,
No Womb required that I perceive
Myself as Woman, Whole, Complete!