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I sit and watch as you walk by,
My feelings hidden from all but thee,
And as I watch, my heart screams “Why”
The Love we have cannot be free?

And as I sit I ache Complete
Whilst Torment contemplates my Fate,
My Soul ‘cries’ out for Yours to meet;
As Scorching Embers fuel Love’s Hate.

Instinctively, Your Soul doth know
The Pain embedded in my Heart,
And honours Pledge, conjoins to show
Such embers cannot True Love part.

Our Flesh, Our Passions, Needing, Yearning
Yet Honour, Truth and Troth bestow,
A Lariat upon our Learning
The Depths to which Our Love could grow.

Relentless tears, Fierce gravity
Of Spirit, Soul and Love aligned,
Intangible Infinity;
Confusion dominates my mind.

Though Sonorous the Love we share,
Disconsolate my Heart remains.
This Burdened Journey doth compare
The Bliss another World contains.

No ‘mount of words within an Ode
Could quantify my Love for thee,
And only Time will prove this road
Doth Bind us One Eternally.