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Gazing through the rain-soaked pane I am enthralled by your Beauty.
How bright your hue tonight.
Resplendent and Lustrous, it ignites my heart,
Melting the frost of sombre thoughts -
Searing through the bracken and twisted barricades which Eclipse my Soul.
I soak you up.

My Soul -
Yesterday I rode the waves on its energy -
Helpless in its atrophy -
Diminishing in its transience.
Yet now, a surge of quintessential elixir caresses my whole being
As you wink at me.

Is it still there?
My Soul?

So far beyond my reach!

For one brief moment you are hidden behind a veil of clouds,
Long enough for me to sigh and say "See? Now even You have left Me!"

Stinging tears beset my cheeks as my gaze falls to the paving
Slabs below the 'sill,
Where murky water forms into pools which further cloud my vision.

And there - I see you.

My consciousness expands in every direction,
Your touch as soft as silk embracing me
As droplets of rain ruffle the puddle-water, causing your shape To shift.
And once again I feel you!

Your image fades in the milky liquid as storm-clouds shroud your
Face once more.
I lift my eyes to yours, unable to meet with them,
Yet now I hold the vision of you regardless - safe Within.
And allowing the shadows to fall behind me I inhale deeply,
Breathing in your Faceless Beauty.

And there, in the imageless pool of Water beneath the 'sill,
I reclaim my Soul ...