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Last night I took a midnight stroll
To a very familiar place
It looked and smelled and tasted of things
I thought had long since been erased
And I met a girl, so brave and strong
I cannot remember her name anymore
But I shall never forget her face
She spoke of times that I knew quite well
Although she was much too young
To understand the power of her words
And why their meanings stung
She told tales of hearts both lost and won
She told tales so dear to me
She told tales of years filled with tears
And the constant need to be free
I sat and listened, enraptured by it all
Mesmerized and in a trance, but
She suddenly turned to go
Gave me a small but weary smile and said, 
"I thought you ought to know"
Confusion settled upon my shoulders
And I scratched my head in doubt
"Whatever do you mean by that?"
"Your path has changed, you must take another route"