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And she goes for a walk
to ease her troubled mind
To stop, relax and enjoy the view
To take a refreshing breath
and smell the flowers
To forget about her worries and all
the bills that need to be paid,
the mouths that need to be fed and
the boss that always wants her to stay late
And she walks along the path,
The path travelled by many feet before hers
And she wonders what their lives were like
Were they happy? Were they content?
Did they sleep at night know that they were loved?
She pauses as she thinks about this question
and she finds herself at a fork in the road
One way leads back home and to all the
pain she tried to escape
The other would take her on a fantastic 
journey to the unknown
Suddenly it occurs to her that she could
have asked all those questions of herself
And the all tie into the question she must now answer
Which way to go?