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The wings that unfold
Will carry thee there
The beast I doth ride
Is a pure white mare

Unfettered, unhindered
And flowing with life
The blood cascades out
From the thrust of a knife

Thee in the desert
With death on thy hands
Time runs out
In a foreign land

Child's birthing is long
The day hath passed slow
The babe is straddled
My blood it doth flow

Entangled in life
We became as one
Our souls complete
As the beat of one drum

Flung apart violently
Thy seed was planted
In this desire
Thy wish was granted

To fight for thy country
Thee were so brave
I sent thee off
To an early grave

As life fades away
I take thy hand
We will journey together
To this faraway land

Inheritance we leave
As the babe is born
He breathes even
As my own body is torn

Synchronised in life
We travel together
Death cannot part
That which survives for ever