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Feet are solid
On the ground
Dust is swirling
Round and round

Rooted, grounded
Sacred space
Sounds are growing
Cello, bass

Energy entwining
Above, below
Flowing, merging
Transformation slow

Tempest howling
Earth steady
Energy growing
Physical body ready

Casting off shape
Form is a blur
Metamorphosis, streamline
Feathers and fur

Hunting the field
Scaling the height
Snuffling the underbrush
Soaring in flight

Freedom, fluid
The web is strumming
Carefree, unbound
Daylight is coming

Remembrance, pulling
A drawing down
Reverence, reluctance
Cold wind blown

The beating heart
The senses reeling
Stretching, tingling
Awkwardness, feeling

Joy in memory
Warm blood, taste
Physical body
Is not in haste

The wind is quiet
The moon is low
Birds are singing
The horizon aglow

A blessing received
Sustenance given
Time to leave
Inspired ....... driven