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  Along The Riverbank

Ripples, meander
Feather in the flow
Weeping willow trailing
Nowhere else to go

Birds, calling
Species personally unknown
Sheltered in the oak
From the wind that doth blow

Reeds, swaying
Stance firmly in the mud
Elements directing the flow
Flowers the colour of blood

Sol, shining
Reflection very clear
Nature in abundance
Feeling aggression at the weir

Children, noisy
Penetrate my mind
Time to go forward
To see what we can find

Lunch, eaten
Now we are replete
Children getting adventurous
River water sliding over feet

Ducks, calling
As they gracefully float by
Fish swimming upriver
The dance of the dragonfly

Children, playing
Wild grasses parting their path
Late summer days
Uplifting to hear them laugh

Father, approaching
Smiles upon our faces
Welcoming to our glade
Into our sacred places

Family, together
A feeling that's complete
Nothing we can't achieve
For us there's no defeat