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The path led to a sanctuary
Glistening with the rain
A squirrel ran across my path
The acorns on the earth his aim

Collecting autumn's falling leaves
I approached her domain
I could see the horses in the field
Rhiannon's spirit was aflame

Entering the sacred realm
Which path would I choose?
To be exploring nature's hearth
It didn't matter for I couldn't lose!

The trees acted as a shield for me
From the falling rain
I could hear the canopy whispering
Calling out protection for my pain

The material world was forgotten
My life left behind
In peace and harmony I walked
Healing energy quieting my mind

I stopped to stand beneath an oak
Who had called to me
I leant against his bark
He gave me grounding, offered a key

I left a gift at his base
And wandered on my way
It was almost time to leave
Back to the routine of my day

I thanked the wooded grove for
The gifts given freely today
My imagination will take me there
It is a place for my inner child to play