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Original artwork created for Brighid by Anji

Her face is full, she is dressed,
Dressed in splendour.
A ripple spreads, her face undulates
Broken into infinite pieces
Through that infinity
I am taken.

The mists surrounding my pathway
Clear, lucid.
I follow, winding. Deosil, deosil
The peak is shrouded
But I know
I know she waits

I pass the fire, the rebirth
The joy
She is waiting
Arms extended, grace of growth
Dreams alive
Memories of child, memories of youth
Bringing them to her bosom
For rebirth
For my life path

An offering I give
Enveloped, entranced
Womb-like waters
Flowing, creating, being

Vision ended, beauty untold
A glance up, she is hidden. 
Clouds hang like a shroud
Over her face
Hiding her beauty

But I know
I know she is there