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Her gentle rolling gait
brings back memories
~ safety and security ~
held within my mothers' womb,
where nurture was unconditional,
protection from a world of fear.

Leaving the sheltered cove
her movements become erratic.
Her body continually heaves -
pulling me into her bosom then
pushing me away with unseen force.
Nothing can be seen
mile upon mile
except her body,
roiling and heaving.
Forever movement,
a continual dance,
never still,

She has many faces:
innocent, warrior, destruction.
Mysteries lay hidden in her depths
waiting for discovery
but I have learnt
that I have to confront my fears
before I can find the treasure.

She is alive in my heart and soul.
I am drawn to her for wholeness,
creativity, inspiration, life and death.
When I am ready,
she is my teacher,
taking me deeper and deeper,
standing by my side
as I traverse the maze.

She sings to the light within
and highlights the shadows.
She is my companion
on my journey to wholeness.