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The Eternal Dance

The sun sends his light, energy and warmth.
There are no shadows.

The new moon hides while her world of emotions
incubate and grow in strength.

The moon waxes to full, she is heavy with her pregnancy,
with her desires and needs.

The sun is at his zenith,
waiting for a combination of energies.

In the aftermath there is silence.
There is emptiness.
Unfulfilled dreams.

The sun waits, supporting life,
the moon waxes and wanes.
Knowing there will be a time.
A time to connect.
A time to wrap her cloak around him.
A time to dominate.

In the darkness
a new seed is created.
Unsteady feet step on the path.

Still inexorably joined
they continue the dance in the heavens.
Mirrored on the soil of the earth.

The Lord and the Lady.