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The Sad Clown of Lancre--Verence II copyright of
Tiffany J Knox.
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Fool's Journey

The cave is behind me, as the day ahead dawns.
I'm dressed in animal skins and on my brow grows horns.

The landscape is barren, all grey and brown rocks.
Above is the eagle, he looks and he mocks.

I'm feeling ecstatic, my body starts to sway.
The precipice gets nearer, my heart is light and gay.

I can hear the music, reality is far away.
Irrational, impulsive, my soul wants to play.

I stand on the threshold, responding to the call.
My life won't be empty, no matter how I fall.

Destructive, creative, all bound up in one.
The leap will be painful, Will I bathe in the sun?

I have no guarantee I will even arrive,
but I can not resist, I must try, I must dive!

To deny creativity, is to deny the god,
to lose touch with greatness, and be as peas in a pod.

I have to escape and follow the fool,
leap into the unknown and discover the jewel.

To be bound in logic would drive me insane.
Wild spirit released causing sorrow and gain.