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Lost is our Connection

Lost is our connection
Separate is how we feel
Looking out of the window
Is it there? Is it real?

The rhythms of the season
And the cycles we can see
We notice them happening
But we're too involved with 'me'

Distanced from our food
No connection to its source
Pretty packaging and wrap
Alienated? But of course!

Lost is our earth memory
Lost is part of our soul
Still the realm of nature nourishes
Though we have lost our goal!

We will find our awareness
When the light shines in the dark
We will live in step with seasons
And She will leave her mark.

We are still in a relationship
With all of life on earth
We're still part of the family
She will always breathe and give birth.

We'll find ways to connect
We will find the sun
Through darkness, death and decay
With nowhere left to run