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I can feel the rain, falling inside.
Sometimes it is quiet but always there.
Sometimes it pours down, cleansing my soul.
Sometimes it is barely noticeable,
but it is always there.

The rain cleanses by washing everything away.
But it also erodes.  Diminishing.
I am also that drop in the rain,
I too merge with others.
But it always brings pain.
Where is the bliss?  Where is the peace?
Where is the goodness in merging?
Do you know?

The rain falls from the heavens
and nurtures the seedlings,
helping nature bring that seed to fruition.
Will the rain make me whole, make me complete?
Help with the purpose of my sojourn?

The rain is soothing,  it is rhythmic
   is there a rhythm to emotions too?
Is there a cycle that is determined?
Determined by who, what, where.
Patterns within patterns
and a reason for everything.

I must believe that I will grow,
just like that seedling.
We grow at different rates,
to different patterns
but crossing and intertwining.
Are we helping or stopping progress?
Is it right to want love, balance
a lasting relationship that is growth?
Or am I just dreaming again.
Dreaming while the rain is falling inside me.