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Early Christian Saints

Since the early days of the Christian church
the saints have been a key.
Four centuries of seeking the martyr's crown
from Scotland to the Black Sea.

Cults kept the saints memories vividly alive
with feasts on the day of demise
Death being the start of their heavenly life
able to hear our earthly cries.

Relics of remains and clothes were treasured
myths and legends were born.
By the year 1000, papal approval
brought a brand new dawn.

Relying on miracles, relics and tombs
and not the God was wrong
but the objections by bishops were overcome
they could not deny the song.

The key is the idea that saints may have
a very special role
Guardians and protectors of people and places
and curing the dis-eased soul.

From calling on Raymond Nonnatus for childbirth
or Turibuius for your native right
seek a saint to guard your hearth and life
to aid you in your plight.