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I once found my peace
Within these sheltered walls
It was a place to grow
When I answered to the calls

Many students I have seen
Attracted from afar
This monastic school is famous
Believers following the star

We learn much besides theology
At Clonfert by the seas
The countryside is verdant
And I often tend the bees

I'm here in the scriptorium
It's lit by candlelight
I'm on my own in secrecy
Relying on failing sight

The gift received of vellum
Is wonderful to use
It will be much easier
For the reader to peruse

This gospel had been found
In rubble far away
Destination is unknown
But it leaves the first of May

I know it is important
These brush strokes of gold
I must not tell my brethren
They'll think my soul's been sold

Small enough to be hidden
Leather cover embossed
Scripted Celtic volume
I pray it does not get lost

It has no Canon Tables
Breres Causae or gloss
It's written in Old Latin
And shows the Celtic cross

My final mark I make
Hidden in this page
You'll see the creatures roaming
Can you find the eyes of a sage?

My time has come to leave
Without these sheltered walls
I crave the open space
Nerthus has made her call